Morocco is one of the best surfing destinations in the world! With its thousands of kilometers of beaches and spots all along the Atlantic coast. Morocco and especially the region of Agadir, have established themselves as popular destinations for foreign surfers.

Considered to be Morocco’s leading surfing destination, Taghazout is a small village 19 km north of the city of Agadir. Famous for its wide beaches, it is THE summer destination in the region. With an atypical atmosphere, mixing jellabas and surfboards, the village is a must for any surf enthusiast!

For all surfers wishing to have an unforgettable stay, we advise you to opt for a visit starting October, when the waves are numerous and in great quantity. Which does not restrict surfing in the region, quite the opposite!

When to go?

October to April is the best period to surf in Morocco. With December, January and February being the pick of the months. Openly exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco’s coast receives an abundance of northwest-to-north swell up to 5 meters during these months. The Northwest-facing coast around Casablanca and Rabat receives more swell than the southwest-facing points as Anchor Point near Taghazout.

Surfing in Taghazout: Taghazout formerly known as a fishing village is nowadays all about surf. It holds one of the most famous surf spots in Morocco: Anchor Point. A long and strong point break.



Killer Point

A powerful wave. Which is higher than you think. 

La Source

 A performance wave. Just a little less than tall and powerful Killer Point.


 Located directly next to La Source. The waves break partly on sand. What makes things more relaxed?

Anchor Point

 A steep take off. Powerful point break, which remains on a good day walk.(

Devil’s Rock

 A tough name for a break each day can be different. Right and left waves. But, in particular, a right hand.

Banana Beach

Here you will often find the beginners because it is a relatively easy golf.

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