For some people surfing is just a one day entertainment on vacation. For others it is a serious sport and a lifestyle. Someone have surfing as a job or just a hobby. In this blog I want to tell my little story how surfing changed my life.
I have always been an organized person who has a strict plan for the day, future year, half a year, half a life on. I used to be like that until my life had changed so suddenly and the way I could never expected. Now I don’t plan anything very hard anymore.
When it was the first time I found myself in Morocco – originally my plan was to go to China. But that time it appeared to be a little difficult for a number of reasons so my tour agent started to search for other countries for a trip for me. As all the eastern culture with its mysterious deserts, camels and sounds of praying from the mosques have always attracted me – I chose Morocco at once. So without any plan and knowing almost nothing about the country I settled at one of Agadir’s hotels with the intention to go with the flow.
The first evening I was introduced to my travel agency’s guide who offered me a list of standard tours that people must visit when they are in Morocco. Marrakech, desert, souks, parks, aqua-parks…The problem was that I don’t like anything standard. As I’m a sporty and even kind of extreme professional in the past – from all the list of morocco trips I chose just one day of learning to surf.
It was supposed to be only one day. But plans changed again. Only up to the end of the first day I managed to stand up on the board and ride it along with the wave…white wave of course) And here I was caught with this feeling. I had to come back to repeat it the next day, and the third day…So that way instead of watching Morocco and sightseeing – most of my vacation I was watching Tamraght, the village where my surf camp was located and spent time with other surfers on the beach.
When I came back to Russia I couldn’t stop thinking of the ocean, the waves, I missed surfing and Morocco. Probably most of people have this feeling after holidays, when you don’t want to come back to work, want back to the sun…But it was something more for me. I realized that surfing is something that I really lacked in my Russian routine, although I love my job with all my heart, have the best family there and beloved friends. But that feeling that I experienced on the wave while learning surfing overweighed somehow all the comfort that I had.
So my story looks like this: I had everything at my hometown, my warm cozy house, every morning I got to my perfect job riding my adored car drinking coffee and listening to favorite music. Now I live in Morocco already for half-a-year, riding only local buses. I don’t have even a phone with the internet access, sometimes I don’t have money. But I have my surfing and I’m happy. I met a lot of new people here, new friends, I keep getting an amazing experience from it. I have an opportunity to communicate with people all around the world, learn something new from them, get to know something about different cultures and customs being just in one place. I keep improving my skills at my profession as well and get an international experience, so if I decide to come back to Russia some day – it won’t be a problem to return to my work.
I was supposed to come back home this May after 6 months staying in Morocco, but my plans changed again very rapidly and I will continue surfing in Bali this summer. What is more – Bali has never been in my list of travelling, actually it is a strange and spontaneous set of circumstances that my life turns me there, so probably some interesting adventure waits for me on that unknown surf land.
And although I have an exciting trip soon – I feel a little bit sad. Cause Morocco is already a second home for me. I want to thank Adventurekeys surf camp for giving me such impression, for giving me home and opportunity to surf! I love all the people that were around me for all this time and I really don’t want to leave. But the life is short and the road is long. I’m sure I will meet you guys again on my road.
So what it is all about. I never planned to change my country, to leave my hometown and to live that way I live now, always one way ticket. It is possible that such a vacation will turn your life in a different way too. Maybe you will find yourself in surfing, find some new country for yourself, find your life wave somewhere, so don’t be afraid to catch it! Don’t be afraid to make a step to your dream and happiness.