Surf and Yoga Go Hand in Hand

No one can deny the recent boom in surf and yoga holidays. If you have not experienced it yet, you cannot lie it sounds enticing. It has been proven time and time again that surf and yoga go hand in hand. Both affect the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of human beings. Every time… Continue reading Surf and Yoga Go Hand in Hand

Get some New Year’s spirit!

December is the most pleasant time of the year! When everything around shines with new year’s lights, people search for the Christmas presents through the shops and malls. And it is a nice atmosphere to prepare for the most joyful festival – a New Year! This festival has been celebrated for years and centuries, the… Continue reading Get some New Year’s spirit!

Shaka Surf Taghazout

Most of the people here in Morocco, especially in Taghazout are united with one common hobby; one common culture – surf culture! We are charmed by the ocean and waves. We start our mornings with yoga exercises to prepare our body and mind for surfing. Thereafter, we go to the beach, greet other surfers with… Continue reading Shaka Surf Taghazout

From Taghazout With Love

From Berber language Taghazout is translated as a ‘field’. So it used to be a field and a land of fish and fishermen before it became a field of tourism that we have now. In XVI century there were Berber tribes living at this coast called Taghazout nowadays. And there were always battles and wars… Continue reading From Taghazout With Love

Mavericks…who are they?

A passion to your favorite sport is always stronger than any fear. Surfing is not an exception. First you learn to stand up on your board just in a white water. Learn to turn it to the left, turn it to the right, to ride it. Then you go to line up and learn to… Continue reading Mavericks…who are they?

Magical Moroccan cuisine

Morocco has always been the center of all the world’s trade routes. Ships from all the countries passed through North Africa and stayed in Morocco with their goods. That’s why this country is influenced by many different cultures and nations. Especially if talking about its food. Moroccan cuisine is considered one of the most diverse in the world.… Continue reading Magical Moroccan cuisine

Сёрфинг и йога одно целое

Наверняка все заметили,  как популярны стали в последнее время выездные лагери для занятий йогой и сёрфингом. Если вы всё ещё ни разу не были на такого вида отдыхе – вы не можете солгать, сказав что звучит это очень заманчиво. Давно доказано, что сёрфинг и йога неделимы и должны практиковаться в комплексе. И тот, и другой… Continue reading Сёрфинг и йога одно целое

Немного новогоднего настроения

Декабрь – самый чудесный месяц в году! Всё вокруг сияет и сверкает, люди появляются на улицах, в магазинах и торговых центрах в поисках новогодних подарков. И такая приятная атмосфера повсюду в ожидании самого волшебного праздника года – Нового года!  Этот праздник отмечается уже много тысячелетий и его история очень велика и богата разными событиями, поэтому… Continue reading Немного новогоднего настроения

Surf Tricks

Do you want to learn and perform new surf tricks? What can you do with your surfboard after you’re able to stand up and keep balance? Learning and performing surf tricks is important for all surfers. Naturally, you too want learn more and improve your surf skills. If you already know the basics, then this… Continue reading Surf Tricks

Weather forecast

The most popular question from our Dearest customers before they arrive – is usually about the weather. What should they wear and take with them not to get frozen in the evenings – which is very possible by the way, although it is an Africa.The geography of Morocco is very diverse that’s why the climate is… Continue reading Weather forecast

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