Booking surf holidays in Taghazout with Adventurekeys !

Do you want to book surf holidays for your next vacation? Gathering enthusiasts, locals and professional surfers worldwide,  Adventurekeys helps you plan and book surf holidays near the most beautiful waves. Its easy to use, and offers only reputable surf holiday providers from around the world. Discover accommodation options and book surf holidays in surf camps on …

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Surf Vacation in Moroccan Beaches !

A Morocco surf vacation is a truly unique experience. The entire coastline offers spectacular long white sandy beaches, and amazing waves. Then, what would you look for when planning a Morocco surf vacation? In this article, you will learn about several factors that will help you plan your surf trip better. SURFING LEVEL The first …

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How to be ‘SURF FIT’ ?

It is obvious and well known that you have to be trained and prepared to be a surfer. A lot of surfers do Yoga and it is really great and helpful for your better surfing, but not enough. Except flexibility and good balance that you get from yoga surfing requires high level of muscular power and endurance. You also have …

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